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Magikal Molly Day

A Novel – Royal Dragonfly Book Awards 1st place award, 2013.

Serena Devon had nothing to lose. It all had been already lost, including her light. But when her beloved Aunt Emily died leaving behind a mysterious star shaped box and a map to a wishing well, Serena began to retrieve her long snuffed out light and discover after all: magic is real. Magikal Molly Day lives in the unique place between enchantment and spirituality. We enter the village of Elushaneea where we meet the gifted light worker, Molly Day, her high maintenance cat, Rasputin, and the Council of Three. Will Serena be strong enough to let go of her past and find self love again? Or will the Hall of Hate win?


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REVIEW – “‘Magikal Molly Day’ Introduces Readers to Enchantment and Spirituality”


For whatever reason, not everyone chooses to live a magical life, but the protagonist in Amy Lloyd’s novel Magikal Molly Day is unwavering in her attempts to heal her broken heart, as well as regain her self-love and self-confidence.

The story follows Serena Davis. When we meet the young heroine, she suffers the loss of both her internal light and her beloved great-aunt Emily. But tragedy quickly transforms into hope as the young girl discovers a mysterious star-shaped box. In it is an unusual map leading to a mystical wishing well known for its magical blessings. Instead of dismissing this finding as mere coincidence, Serena opens a doorway into a realm of true power–the power from within.

Upon making her first wish at the well, Serena initiates contact with Molly Day, a gifted light worker who resides somewhere between Brigadoon and Atlantis in Elushaneea. With nothing to lose, Serena embarks on a journey to escape the darkness that engulfs her life and learns to channel the internal reference of her spirit. Working alongside the Council of Three and an opinionated cat named Rasputin, Molly Day must deliver three essential tasks to the troubled Serena in hopes that she can complete them intact.

Will Serena be strong enough to let go of her past and find her self-love once again? Or will the Hall of Hate win?

magikalmollydaycoverBoth educational and inspiring, Magikal Molly Day interweaves the dreamlike-realism of Harry Potter with the sacred teachings of holistic guru Deepak Chopra — a literary combination not often found in contemporary young adult fiction. It’s through a series of spiritual tests, rather than random action sequences, where Serena discovers that magic is, and always has been, around her; it was simply dependent on her willingness to be open to the beauty, mystery and sacredness of the universe.

The idea for this novel began when Lloyd read a book called Witch in the Kitchen. She was intrigued about the mention of secret names, and after scrambling her own name a few times, she found Molly Day. Molly Day was created as a way to explore another side of herself and open up creative channels.

Lloyd not only believes in magic, she respects it and is fully aware of its consequences. “I know I am just a chess piece on the great chess board of life and everything is interconnected,” she says. “Magic occurs when it is supposed to. And I’d rather believe in possibilities beyond my understanding than not. We all create magic in small ways every day. It takes a leap of faith and a surrendering.”

She insists that women of all ages pick up this novel, especially young girls facing self-esteem issues, including a lack of faith or confidence. In regards to character development, she wanted them to be personalities readers could relate to.

amylloyd“Character development is hard to describe. It was important to have Serena be identifiable and someone who was ordinary on the outside, but extraordinary on the inside. I think that is true about all of us. Inside we are all more extraordinary than we know. I hope this book is read by young girls because of the devastating perils they are subject to today. With social media available to expose, bully, and invite unhealthy competition, girls are left to even more challenges with staying true to themselves. Our world today does not like originals: Conformity rules the roost and it is a painful path to trudge when you do not fit in with the norm. And yet those are the women and the men who make the biggest changes. We all are part of this exciting movement, long held captive in the shadows,” explains Lloyd, who is an actress, writer and artist whose mind works in loops and layers.

With her engaging storytelling style, the Naomi Rose award-winning writer touches upon the spiritual teachings of Deepak Chopra and addresses some of the toughest questions and objections related to manifesting a life of enchantment.

“Deepak Chopra was one of the first spiritual teachers I embraced. He remains to me one of the great masters of simple, exquisite spiritual practice. I don’t think I can pinpoint exactly his influence, as over the years so many teachings have been woven through me with other spiritual masters, such as Carolyn Myss, Dan Millman, and Ernest Holmes. Deepak first opened up my mind to the understanding that every thought has energy and kindness is the highest form of love,” adds Lloyd.

Magikal Molly Day is available on Amazon (both ebook and paperback), as well as Nook, Kobo, Apple, and Barnes and Noble.


REVIEW – “Magikal Molly Day” at Ask David

Amy Lloyd

Author Amy Lloydabout her book: I have always lived somewhere between this reality and what lays beyond it. I find it suits me. This story came to me after reading a book about wiccan traditions. Something stirred me. Before I knew what was happening, I had a tale of two women (one in this world and one in another) a wishing well, and an enchanting place called, Elushaneea. The story pressed me to tell something larger than just magical realism. It had to address what happens to all of us when bit by bit our true selves chips off.

As you turn the pages you will meet The Counsel of Three: Celestly, Solilly, and Lunally. They each govern necessity, choice, and compassion. Their apprentice is Molly Day who has been assigned the new ward, Serena Devon.There begins a very unusual student/teacher relationship and one that that help both of them reclaim their inner light. But Molly Day has a secret wish, too. Time is running out for her if she doesn’t successfully help this ward through the 3 major tests. On the other side of midnight waits the Light Rippers, eager to take her back. Will Serena take back her light or will the Hall of Hate win?