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Magikal Molly Day

A Novel – Royal Dragonfly Book Awards 1st place award, 2013.

Serena Devon had nothing to lose. It all had been already lost, including her light. But when her beloved Aunt Emily died leaving behind a mysterious star shaped box and a map to a wishing well, Serena began to retrieve her long snuffed out light and discover after all: magic is real. Magikal Molly Day lives in the unique place between enchantment and spirituality. We enter the village of Elushaneea where we meet the gifted light worker, Molly Day, her high maintenance cat, Rasputin, and the Council of Three. Will Serena be strong enough to let go of her past and find self love again? Or will the Hall of Hate win?


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Charcot Foot Syndrome


Charcot Foot Syndrome (or neuropathic arthropathy) In 1868 Jean Marie Charcot, a French physician, named this bone and joint disease.

Charcot neuroarthropathy is a degenerative condition that affects the foot joints and is most often associated with diabetes.

Definition: A weakening and softening of the bones due to
extensive nerve damage. Depending on the severity, the
weakened bones can lead to disability, immobility, and
amputation. Charcot foot syndrome is very serious,
sometimes hard to detect, and most often occurs in patients with diabetes mellitus. Because diabetes mellitus involves elevated blood sugar levels, monitoring and controlling blood sugar levels is vital to prevention.

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Sheila and Sherry Save the World

It was such a simple idea, the kind bandied about after a semi-sloppy consumption of good pinot noir.

“Hey, let’s write a web series.” My guess is many of you have also had this darling little notion float through your brain followed by the exclamation, “Oh why not?” Perhaps you have just finished a production, perhaps it was remarkably easy and let you full of self satisfaction having answered the crea9ve urge and followed it to its completion. Good for you. But for those out there who had less than an ideal to me, possibly experiencing a few blunders and missteps along the way, this is for you.

Click for the Full Story: Sheila and Sherry Save The World (pdf)