REVIEW – “Magikal Molly Day” at Ask David

Amy Lloyd

Author Amy Lloydabout her book: I have always lived somewhere between this reality and what lays beyond it. I find it suits me. This story came to me after reading a book about wiccan traditions. Something stirred me. Before I knew what was happening, I had a tale of two women (one in this world and one in another) a wishing well, and an enchanting place called, Elushaneea. The story pressed me to tell something larger than just magical realism. It had to address what happens to all of us when bit by bit our true selves chips off.

As you turn the pages you will meet The Counsel of Three: Celestly, Solilly, and Lunally. They each govern necessity, choice, and compassion. Their apprentice is Molly Day who has been assigned the new ward, Serena Devon.There begins a very unusual student/teacher relationship and one that that help both of them reclaim their inner light. But Molly Day has a secret wish, too. Time is running out for her if she doesn’t successfully help this ward through the 3 major tests. On the other side of midnight waits the Light Rippers, eager to take her back. Will Serena take back her light or will the Hall of Hate win?


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